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The White Pig Animal Sanctuary: Creating sanctuary
for pigs and vegan outreach to the community.

The White Pig Animal Sanctuary is a small, up and coming, not for profit animal sanctuary in Schuyler, Virginia that focuses on one of the most brutalized animals, the pig.

The White Pig Animal Sanctuary previously operated as a private sanctuary that was solely funded by the White Pig Bed & Breakfast, which provides vegan fare for guests.

Founder Dina Brigish knew the time had now come to expand the sanctuary and start focusing on vegan outreach. Hence, The White Pig Animal Sanctuary was born.

Our goal is to provide rescue and a safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected pigs, as well as reducing the suffering of food animals through vegan education. Advocating a vegan diet is vital because of the enormous impact that it has on animals, the environment, our health and the world we leave for future generations.

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Check out the news coverage of The White Pig on Charlottesville’s CBS19 News!

Currently we are doing some major upgrades to accommodate more animals. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation. All donations to help with the expansion are being matched 100%.

“Providing lifelong homes for animals in need.”

from Founder Dina Brigish