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Briar Creek Farm

 As you enter the gate, ride up the long, winding drive and over the Briar Creek, you enter a world of peace and tranquility.

You are now at Briar Creek Farm, home of The White Pig Animal Sanctuary and The White Pig Bed and Breakfast. Briar Creek Farm consists of 172 beautiful acres, which includes a lovely natural pond, burbling creek, and acres of meadows and forests.

The White Pig Animal Sanctuary is a not for profit animal sanctuary committed to rescuing and providing life-long homes to abandoned, abused and neglected pigs (and other animals) and providing vegan outreach and education to the community.

In 2016, Briar Creek Farm was accepted into The Albemarle County Conservation Easement Program which protects the property in perpetuity from future subdividing and building on the land. Also, the streams are protected by 100’ wide riparian buffers which limits the amount of damage humans can cause by prohibiting the planting of crops, plowing of the land,  the use of pesticides and grazing of livestock within the buffer.

The bulk of Briar Creek Farm is mostly wooded and untouched, allowing for the remaining part of the farm to serve as a wildlife sanctuary for the birds and other wildlife (deer, turkey, fox, bobcat, possum, raccoon, beaver, black bear) that inhabit the area.